Our process in 5 steps

Our aim is to optimise your design process. To do this we have 5 steps we go through with you. The final result: a custom tailored implementation of VIKTOR, which can reduce manual errors, save time and cut down costs.

Map your process

Together with your input we create an overview of the workflow in your design process. A special focus is given to the different software packages used, think of CAD, FEM, Excel, to connect your data flows.


We deconstruct your design patterns in parameters and we define the outcomes you want to generate, providing us with a picture of the final result we together want to achieve.


VIKTOR is a platform on which we build a custom-made layer for every client. Our team with a background in both engineering and coding translates your design process in this layer for our web-based tool.

Test the platform

Together with your designated users we test your custom-made VIKTOR. The functionalities are tested and the fit with your current workflow is thoroughly assessed.


VIKTOR is now live and can be accessed from any device. To create a smooth takeoff with using the platform we also facilitate trainings to enable your users to get the optimal results from VIKTOR.

Working with VIKTOR

Once we launch your VIKTOR we don't stop. We are constantly developing the platform further to ensure the best automated engineering optimisation and the best user experience.


We constantly work on making VIKTOR even better, so you can also regularly expect updates from us to also make your experience even better.

Personal Upgrade

When you have new upcoming needs for your processes, we will help you upgrade VIKTOR. Contact our experts to discuss your possibilities.


We have fulltime support available. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you encounter difficulties with VIKTOR.