Our mission is being the world-wide frontier in creating and delivering software development tools for engineers to unlock their real potential.

Why do computer labor manually? Automate the boring, engineer the awesome! That’s what we stand for and that’s the function of our product.

Our values

Always thinking in solutions

It’s in our DNA to make things easier. To be creative in our own way.

Impact for the customer

We strive to enable our customers to reach their full potential.

Continuous Improvement

We never stop exploring new ideas and technologies.

Together as a team

With the customer as a part of our team, we can do anything.

Who we are

We at VIKTOR are a team of software professionals with an enthusiasm and strong background in engineering. With a sincere care for our product and the value it brings to our customers, we strive to always offer solutions that address the core of the problems. Honest in communication and execution, we work together to always improve the lives of our customers.

Join our team!

Do you want to work in a young and ambitious team and make sure our users can use the full potential of their skills and knowledge by benefiting from the cloud? Join the VIKTOR team and provide the most competitive, safest, easiest to build, fastest realized, cheapest, or simply the best design for our users by using our intelligent algorithms.