VIKTOR raises series A investment



A memorable moment; VIKTOR had successfully raised a Series A funding round from InnovationQuarter and the sitting Board of Directors. So… what are we going to do with it?
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Company momentum

Digitization in the engineering and construction industry

The engineering and construction industry digitizes at an incredible high pace. Digitization offers the possibility to analyse more scenarios quicker with more data, better quality and fewer risks as a result, leading to higher profitability. Still, the industry is just at the beginning of her journey. We have learned that enabling the industry to build their own professional software applications on our VIKTOR platform makes their people and organization future proof.

New developments are coming

The new investment round will enable us to accelerate our developments and help our clients to realize their long term digital ambitions more quickly. This way we establish our leading position as an application development platform in the Netherlands and are able to continue to expand beyond these borders.

A strong community

In the past years, many applications have been built on the VIKTOR platform and we have created a strong community together with our customers. We are especially proud of joined forces to develop applications together with small and large engineering and construction companies.

Many thanks!

We want to thank all our customers who share our vision and see the benefits of our product and provide us with valueable insights and feedback throughout the years. We are super proud and a want to give a big shout out to our team who constantly set new technological boundaries and made it all happen. Together with our clients and team we launched VIKTOR into a new phase. Now it is time for the engineering and construction industry, together with our team, to enter the second acceleration.

"At InnovationQuarter we are very enthusiastic about our investment in VIKTOR. VIKTOR makes small and large companies future-proof for the digital transformation. Especially in this period, InnovationQuarter stands for ventures that are ready to accelerate. We are therefore pleased to partner with the incumbent board for the second time and have great confidence in VIKTOR and its team.” - Angela Pellaupessy, Investment Manager at InnovationQuarter

What is next?

So…what are we going to do?

First: Accelerate growth

Firstly, this funding will help us to scale rapidly to cement our position as a leader in the engineering and construction application development platform market and expand internationally.

We are going to continue to grow the VIKTOR community. Cooperation between companies and the distribution of knowledge and tools are central in our roadmap. We will work on new technologies to facilitate this.

Growth also means people. We are looking for hard-working, creative, and enthusiastic colleagues to join our team in sales, marketing, customer success and development.

Second: Accelerate product development

Secondly, our customers and team are continuously pushing technological boundaries. We have an ambitious product development roadmap and are going to invest in hiring more software engineers and UX/UI developers to build an even better platform.

Third: Launching a new major feature

Lastly, all we can say on this one is: stay tuned! We will be launching a new major feature at the beginning of 2021.

“We are very excited about this investment. At VIKTOR we believe that the world’s engineering potential is not yet unlocked and our mission is to make sure this happens. With this investment, we can accelerate our company and help the engineering and construction industry to automate the boring and engineer the awesome.” - Wouter Riedijk, CEO at VIKTOR

Exciting times and lots of opportunities have come with this investment. We would like to thank InnovationQuarter for sharing our vision on the future of digitalisation. We warmly welcome Angela Pellaupessy, of InnovationQuarter, as a new member of our Board of Advisors. Together, we will continue to make the digital transformation accessible for everyone.

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