Technosoft and VIKTOR partner to provide better cloud-based solutions

Peter Madlener

by Peter Madlener

Technosoft is a software company, specialized in the field of constructive calculation software. Their software is mainly used to design buildings, such as warehouses, and test whether these constructions are strong enough to hold certain loads. People that use Technosoft are often the ones that calculate the strengths of these constructions on behalf of architects. By integrating Technosoft’s software with the VIKTOR web-based application development platform, it can be integrated with other disciplines and made accessible for a broader audience and range of projects and used to facilitate quick application development. This enables organisations to improve operational excellence, adopt new technologies like parametric design and AI. This makes them more competitive by finding better solutions quicker.
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New software solutions

Technosoft is known foremost from their constructive calculation software, which can be tailored to an individual customer’s needs and used to facilitate and accelerate parts of their job. Since the construction industry is changing, Technosoft wants to offer more than only the standard software solutions by focussing on new topics such as BIM, parametric design, Cloud, and AI as well.

“As a supplier in this market, you are no longer the only solution. It is important to keep creating new and more integral solutions. Therefore, we saw a partnership with VIKTOR as a great opportunity to join forces and bring parties together.” – Bart Zwager, Commercial Director at Technosoft.

It’s not about the size

A trend that both VIKTOR and Technosoft have noticed is that a lot of small companies think they are not able to implement these new and more integral solutions successfully.

“They say it will be too much work, that different software products cannot integrate and collaborate well with each other, and that customized solutions are way too expensive and high maintenance. Smaller companies think that only large companies with a lot of technical knowledge and employees have the capacity to apply new digital solutions.” – Bart Zwager, Commercial Director at Technosoft

By integrating Technosoft software with the VIKTOR platform, we facilitate people in quick and easy development of customized and accessible applications for everyone. This makes our clients future proof in a fast changing digital world. This enables organisations to improve operational excellence, adopt new technologies like parametric design and AI. This makes them more competitive by finding better solutions quicker.

Democratization of digital solutions

Both VIKTOR and Technosoft share the same goal: facilitate people in doing their job. VIKTOR does this by being a platform that provides digital building blocks to quickly build custom applications. Technosoft does this by building these custom web-based applications on the VIKTOR platform which integrate with their calculation software. By also hosting the Technosoft software on the VIKTOR platform, people can also build their own applications that integrate with Technosoft completely to their own desire to create a tool that can be used to centralize data, automate and optimize design processes, and collaborate with other people.

“We want to be more than only a supplier of software packages by broadening our scope and looking at how we can be of assistance for the total work package of constructors. These people must deliver good quality work by lots of things, from doing calculations to staying connected with the engineering and construction industry and staying in touch with construction companies. These are all aspects of the job that can be facilitated with a custom-made application in some way. By integrating our software with the VIKTOR platform, we want to provide people with the right tools for this.” – Bart Zwager, Commercial Director at Technosoft.

To be continued

Currenlty, multiple applications are being developed on the VIKTOR platform that help automate parts of the engineering process, using software such as Technosoft Raamwerken. Technosoft Raamwerken can be compared to structural analysis software such as D-Foundations and SCIA. It allows you to model and , analyse, and 3D structures and is mostly used in the buidling sector. More details on these projects will be discussed in subsequent articles, so stay tuned!

We look forwards to these upcoming projects and the collaboration with Technosoft!

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