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As part of their application for the parametric design of residential towers, J.P. van Eesteren decided to integrate with open-source data from 3D BAG. This way, they are able to create not only realistic models for their towers but realistic environments as well!
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Their application allows J.P. van Eesteren to generate optimal designs of residential towers conform the latest project requirements using parametric design principles. Models of the towers are displayed on a standard map view where elements such as apartments, elevators, and staircases are visualized too. They can use the application to adjust both parameters (dimensions, materials, segments) and visual aspects (color, façade) of the building. Besides this, J.P. van Eesteren integrated with 3D BAG, an open-source data model by the TU Delft.

3D BAG contains models of all buildings throughout the Netherlands at multiple levels of details, generated using information from the BAG and height data from the AHN. Whenever engineers at J.P. van Eesteren use the application to place a building on the map, they can also select a surrounding environment from which the buildings are visualized using data from 3D BAG's database.

Here, you can see what this looks like within the application:

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