What's new in VIKTOR (Feb 2022)



What's new in VIKTOR (Feb 2022)
We have added a lot of new functionality, such as easier installation without Docker, updated admin pages, new API_v1 methods, a better way to visualize graphs with Plotly view, and improved structuring of app data. Keep reading to discover how you can use these updates to make your apps even better!
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Easier installation without Docker

From now on, you can decide between using Docker or using a Python virtual environment for developing applications.

We have chosen to add this second mode for two reasons. First, because it makes the onboarding process a lot easier as you only need to install Python and setup the VIKTOR CLI. Second, because Docker is changing its subscription model, meaning you may require a paid subscription, depending on your company's size and revenue.

In the newest CLI release, you can use the configure command and select venv to use the new Python virtual environment.

More information can be found in the documentation.

Updated admin pages

We have updated the admin pages inside a workspace to provide a better ease of use, updated look and feel, and a cleaner interface to increase the usability in organization with many users and groups.

For example, some improvements in user management are de ability to order and search users and groups, and to select predefined access level templates (e.g. read only or full access) or create custom access levels when specifying permission on entity types.

Check out these changes by visiting the admin page of your workspace!

Dialog screen updated admin pages

Switch to the new API_v1 without limitations

In SDK v11.7.0 we introduced an improved API module, API_v1, that you can use to get information from other objects. The new module is more performant than the old API module, returns objects that are easy to use instead of dictionaries, and supports the privileged flag, which allows bypassing of user management.

In the latest update we have added all features that were still missing from the old version, like the ability to create and delete entities, plus a lot of new ones. This means that you can now fully switch to the new API and enjoy all benefits without any limitation!

An overview of all additions can be found in the documentation.

Plotly view, a better way to visualize graphs

Use our new Plotly views to visualize Plotly graphs easily, without requiring a WebView as a workaround!

Having dedicated Plolty views within the platform makes your views faster, more responsive, easier to implement, and increases usability by keeping state in the view if unrelated data is updated. So, for example, the orientation and zoom will not reset when you update your results.

Go to the documentation to find out how you can use ‘PlotlyView’ and ‘PlotlyDataView’ in your apps.

Plotly View

Display the data structure as you want

The order of your node tree is defined in your manifest, but have you noticed that adding new Root entities or changing their names sometimes breaks the layout?

With the latest update we have solved this issue, so that Root entities in the node tree are always ordered as defined in the manifest and Child entity types are ordered as given in the controller.

Making any changes afterwards? No problem! From now on, you are always in control of how your apps are structured.

Node Tree

Other Changes


  • New version v12.10.0 is now available


  • Improved handling of OptionField behavior for 'autoselect_single_option' flag
  • Fix placement of GeometryView labels in their correct coordinates
  • Ability to flag a user as "external", with no access to internal workspaces
  • Fix for displaying user groups of users that are active on multiple workspaces
  • Fix for updating a user that is active on multiple workspaces
  • Add support for loading glTF files in the GeometryView
  • Fix for map popup & dashboard entity links to allow opening them in a new tab
  • Improvement of platform transactional mails with new templates, style and white labeling


  • During publication of an app a warning, with prompt to continue, is raised if a tag is supplied that is different from the git tag
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