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From now on, VIKTOR offers free access to a continuously growing collection of sample applications through the demo environment. Applications range from functional tools that can immediately be used for your own projects, to basic ‘sample’ apps that contain the result of open-source Python code of specific functionality from our GitHub repository. Apply for a demo account to test applications and experience working in a VIKTOR environment that contains all your apps.
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The demo environment

In the VIKTOR demo environment, you can experience what working with VIKTOR is like. Normally, when you install VIKTOR on your device, you get access to a developer account that you can use to deploy all your apps directly into your company environment. This company environment closely resembles the demo environment and works essentially in the same way: You can add people to your company, test apps, and get acquainted with an environment that hosts multiple cloud applications.

The video shows an overview of all the applications that are, at the time of writing, available in the demo environment. For example, automation and optimization tools developed for geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, parametric design, and more.

Within the demo environment, there is a distinction between two types of applications:

I Functional applications that can immediately be used for your own projects.

II Sample applications. These are basic apps that contain the deployed functionality of open-source Python code from our GitHub repository. There are two ways in which such a functionality can be used:

  1. Out-of-the-box in a VIKTOR app, using the free version.
  2. Without VIKTOR, by integrating with your own Python code. In this case, you will have to create certain parts of the app yourself, which leaves you the option to modify the code.

Each application has its own database and API. Some are still under development but will be released soon. A list of all the sample applications can be found at the end of this blog post.

Apply for a demo account here:

User management

Within a VIKTOR environment, there are a couple out-of-the-box functionalities, such as single sign-on and user-management. As you can see in the video, you can for example add new people to your environment, and assign them roles and access levels per application, using fine grain user management.


You can also view and add workers to your environment to directly be able to use third-party software with your own license. More information on adding workers can be found in the documentation.

App Store (coming soon)

It is also possible for companies to add their application to the demo environment by means of the App Store. With the App Store, companies can convert their domain knowledge into assets and create revenue streams by marketing applications to others in the industry.

An example of an organization that has not one, but two applications in the demo environment is CRUX with PileCore and VibraCore – both used for geotechnical engineering.

List of sample applications

We are constantly working on expanding the [demo environment( If you have any ideas for upcoming sample applications or if you want to add your own application to the demo environment, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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