What's new in VIKTOR (May 2022)



The time has come for May's platform update. Over the past month, we have been working on some new functionalities, such as a CLI command for creating basic applications, an extended SCIA binding, and workspace-specific workers. Make sure to continue reading for more information.
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Create basic apps with a CLI command

We have added a create-app commmand to the CLI that generates an empty app, including all necessary components, that you can use as a quick starting point for your development.

Additionally, you can create a demo app that showcases the most important SDK functionalities by adding the flag --demo (create-app folder_name --demo). If you are new to VIKTOR, make sure to check out the demo app to discover new and exciting possibilities!

Visit the documentation for more information.


Extended SCIA binding

We have extended the SCIA binding in the SDK with a couple of new features. Developers can now:

  • Add a description on the (non-linear) load combination
  • Specify solver settings
  • Use cross-sections from the SCIA library
  • Add basic project data
  • Add cross-links
  • Apply a line load on a circular plane edge without raising an error

Visit the documentation for more information on the extended SCIA binding.


Assign dedicated workers to a workspace

We have added a new feature that allows admins to assign workers to either one workspace, multiple workspaces, or the whole environment.

This gives admins the flexibility to decide the number and type of workers they want to assign to a workspace. For example, you can assign more workers to your most important workspaces, or create separate workers for staging and production workspaces.

This prevents that end-users experience delays when running tasks, because a worker is busy executing a task triggered from another workspace.


Coming soon...

Map view interaction

We have good news! Next platform update, we are extending the possibilities that users have of interacting with the map. You will soon be able to implement a button on the input side of your app that allows users to start interacting with the map and simultaneously change multiple input parameters. With this new feature, you can improve user experience by making the input process more visual and intuitive!

Other Changes


  • New version v13.1.0 is now available!


  • Added search functionality in the environment users page
  • Updated the job progress dialog in the editor to use light theme
  • Updated the dates throughout the interface to be relative to current time, e.g. 1 hour ago
  • Updated the field states of the BooleanField to be more visually explicit
  • Adjusted the file manager functionality in the editor to only show on supported entity types
  • Updated the activity dashboard x-axis to match in all diagrams
  • Fixed an issue with wrong filename when downloading a file entity
  • Fixed an occasional mismatch of the end date in the activity dashboard
  • Added filtering functionality in the table field


  • Create-app command added, including demo app for onboarding purposes
  • Validation of credentials before creating the credentials file when configuring CLI
  • Trim whitespaces from email address and token to prevent misconfiguration
  • Added check of Python installation in check-system command
  • Improved messages throughout CLI commands
  • Always print possible causes on a failed check-system check, not only when verbose flag is added


  • Improved error message when a integration that uses COM cannot start
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