The OPENRED application creates the optimal project plan within minutes

The Houzr application in cooperation with VIKTOR
In the real estate sector, especially the housing market, many decisions are still made based on gut feeling instead of data. According to Joost van der Zon, that process is unsustainable: “A lot of data about housing is publicly available, every project developer should make use of it!” He also predicts that if the project developers do not join the movement towards digitization, they could disappear within 10 years. To help them use data, OPENRED has created an application in which the project developer can enter its starting parameters, location, restrictions from the municipality, etc. The application then determines the optimal project plan according to those parameters.
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Optimal project planning

The application is going to change the project development sector in the housing market branch forever. “Within years, there will no longer be a project that will be developed without OPENRED” Joost van der Zon, founder of OPENRED, claims. The application makes use of thousands of available datapoints in the housing market and uses them to create the optimal project planning with higher returns, less risk and a better market fit. This can be done by all their customers, even if they have no knowledge of data at all. The application does it all for them.

How to get the optimal result

To get the optimal result from the OPENRED application, the following process should be followed:

Initial information

First of all, some initial information must be set up to create an environment that best represents your reality for the project. These are things like cost profiles, the type of houses to be built, the height of the houses, etc. This is only happens once, and when this information is applied in the application, it will be used in all calculations. The project properties ultimately have an enormous influence on the eventual optimal result.

Location determination

Secondly, the location of the project must be set. The destination of the project somewhere in the Netherlands must be clear. For this location, the regulatory framework of, usually the municipality, can be entered, so that the application can make the project plan accordingly. In this regulatory framework, you can think of things such as maximum building height, certain number of houses, meeting parking standards, number of meters for green spaces / pieces of road / other facilities, etc.

Algorithm instructions

When all of this set, instructions should be set about the units the algorithm can test. For example, only ground dwellings, only stacked dwellings or whether the user must adhere to certain numbers. The app will apply those settings in conjunction with the regulatory framework to run all possibilities for this location based on its internal database.

Booting solutions

During this time you can make yourself a cup of coffee, the application will find many solutions, which are sorted to the goal you want to achieve. For example, if the return is most important to you, or is the goal rather to get a good market fit. You can then choose your optimal solution and get the perfect project plan from OPENRED.

Executing multiple scenarios

To anticipate possible changes in the environment, the app has the feature to execute multiple scenarios. Suppose that the municipality can be convinced that an elementary school can be built along with the project. This will increase the value of your homes. In that case you want it to be included in the calculations. Another example: if there are restaurants and bars nearby or if something is going to happen to the accessibility of the development. All of this has an impact on the value, and the optimal housing configuration can be different. Extending a metro line, for example, has an impact on a given part of the Netherlands, which makes it is better to build apartments rather than ground-level dwellings But how many and in what ratio; the OPENRED application tells you.

Quick integration with VIKTOR

OPENRED has worked for over a year on the algorithms, models and calculations for the application. With VIKTOR, they were able to incorporate all this into a web-based application within four weeks. They chose for this to be able to create their application in detail without a large knowledge base in the field of UI and platform design. Those gaps in knowledge are solved by the practical design of the VIKTOR platform. Now the application is available to all the customers of OPENRED in a web-based, user-friendly interface.

Analysing scenarios with the Houzr application.jpg

Analyzing scnarions with the OPENRED application


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