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Optimal sheet pile design within reach

Designing sheet piles is a complex and iterative process. That is why Voorbij Funderingstechniek took on the challenge of optimizing sheet piles by automating engineering processes through a VIKTOR app. With this application, they can reduce costs, CO2 emissions, and construction time!

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Everyone can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms

With Calypso you can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms without being a jack-up engineering expert!

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A single source of truth for Dynamo and Civil 3D

The design and construction of objects requires many disciplines that all use different software programs to come together. By integrating software like Dynamo and Civil 3D with the VITKOR platform, data can easily be exchanged and automatically generated.

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Truss construction design

Analyse any truss construction design within seconds

It is now possible to analyse structures with a user-friendly web application quicker than ever before!

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Parametric design and digital transformation for stronger dikes yields “hundreds of millions” - resize.jpg

Parametric design for stronger dikes yields “hundreds of millions”

By applying new knowledge to strengthen dikes, "hundreds of millions of euros" can be saved in the coming years.

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Web-based application provides noise pollution analysis in an instant

Construction noise cannot be prevented, but reducing noise pollution is simple with a new tailor-made software application that calculates where things are likely going wrong in an instant!

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Parametric tool for automatic and optimal breakwater design

Delta Marine Consultants enabled customer to design their own breakwater protection using Xbloc

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