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The Houzr application in cooperation with VIKTOR

The Houzr application creates the optimal project plan within minutes

In the real estate sector, especially the housing market, many decisions are still made based on gut feeling instead of data.

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How Arcadis develops next gen structural engineering tools with VIKTOR

Leading design, engineering, and management consulting firm Arcadis develops its own structural engineering tools to increase productivity and sustainability and save resources.

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VariantComparator assists in selecting optimal energy packages for housing stock

This tool enables a complex comparison of the impact of various measures on CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and investment costs.

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Cloud-based parametric design tool optimizes residential towers

Parametric design tool generates the optimal residential tower

Find out how this Cloud-based parametric design application automatically generates the optimal design for residential towers.

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Veneficus - Artificial intelligence for the real estate sector

Veneficus is here to change the traditional decision making process in real estate by making data analysis and data science available so that more accurate predictions are made and real estate developer can optimize their decisions.

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Accelerating the design process to make buildings smarter

J.P. van Eesteren and VIKTOR joined forces to "Make Buildings Smarter", as the answer to the housing problem of our time.

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Explore, learn and get inspired. The blog is all about: Automate the boring. Engineer the awesome!

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White Papers & Guides

Get in-depth insight into topics like parametric design, digital transformation, and creating web-based applications.

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