Customer cases

See VIKTOR solutions in action through real use cases from industry leaders and success stories.

Arcadis accelerates digital transformation with VIKTOR

Arcadis builds user-friendly web apps with VIKTOR to automate and optimize engineering processes.

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Application development engineering Python

WSP builds engineering apps for colleagues without Python experience

WSP engineers use the VIKTOR platform to build Cloud-based Python applications for their colleagues without programming experience.

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Optimal pile foundation design saves tons of CO2

The Pile Foundation application is one of several of Voorbij's parametric design application, used for the automation of processes on construction sites. Next to automation and optimization, thanks to AI the app also contributes to a more sustainable future!

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Automating the design of the longest immersed tunnel in the world

Between Germany and Denmark, the world's longest immersed road and rail tunnel (18 km) will be built with the help of a parametric design application to optimise the tunnel's design.

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The Digital Engineering Community is Accelerating

The combination of technical challenges of projects with automation of the design and construction process already proved very valuable. The Digital Engineering Community wants to accelarate these digitalization processes together, through the VIKTOR platform.

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A single source of truth for Dynamo and Civil 3D

The design and construction of objects requires many disciplines that all use different software programs to come together. By integrating software like Dynamo and Civil 3D with the VITKOR platform, data can easily be exchanged and automatically generated.

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Truss construction design

Analyse any truss construction design within seconds

It is now possible to analyse structures with a user-friendly web application quicker than ever before!

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White Papers & Guides

Get in-depth insight into topics like parametric design, digital transformation, and creating web-based applications.

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