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Automating the design of the longest immersed tunnel in the world

Between Germany and Denmark, the world's longest immersed road and rail tunnel (18 km) will be built with the help of a parametric design application to optimise the tunnel's design.

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Parametric design and product automation for Rotterdam's A16 tunnel

Digital models were set up parametrically to produce a numerous drawings detailed 3D model of the A16 tunnel in Rotterdam, and effectively cope with possible design changes.

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Dike design automation tool leads to better solutions

Heijmans: “The luxury of having a tool that takes over 80% of the work, quickly becomes your standard”

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More calculations in less time with IDEA StatiCa in a cloud application

Besix makes use of IDEA StatiCa in a VIKTOR application “More calculations in less time”

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The Binnenhavensbrug in Rotterdam

Automated measurements to anticipate dilation of the Binnenhavenbrug

During hot summer days the metal of the Binnenhavenbrug swells so much, that the bridge can no longer open or close. VIKTOR has developed an early warning system as solution!

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Optimize pile plans with an online tool to save time and budget

In collaboration with Voorbij Funderingstechniek, several parametric design modules have been built on the VIKTOR platform that support Voorbij in optimizing various processes and innovative applications. A starting point is the (re)design of pile foundations.

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Engineering of the Theemsweg route

Parametric models to design the structure of the Theemsweg route

The Theemsweg route is a new railway viaduct, which allows uninterrupted train traffic on the first part of the Betuwelijn, without having to stop for ships. A challenging project for VIKTOR and Wagemaker, who is responsible for the engineering of the substructure of the route!

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