Customer cases

See VIKTOR solutions in action through real use cases from industry leaders and success stories.

Parametric tool for automatic and optimal breakwater design

Delta Marine Consultants enabled customer to design their own breakwater protection using Xbloc

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Automation and digitalization of Airborne's product processes

Airborne's On-Demand Manufacturing Portal makes it possible for customers to order (personalized) composite laminates 100% online

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The first online store for smooth and automated composit manufacturing

The first online store for the design, ordering and automated manufacturing of composite laminates!

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CODURE: Automated design and production of FRP flanges

Replacement or renovation of deteriorated pipes is required to provide clean drinking water. CODURE and their partners have now developed a new system that allows for simple renovation!

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Explore, learn and get inspired. The blog is all about: Automate the boring. Engineer the awesome!

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White Papers & Guides

Get in-depth insight into topics like parametric design, digital transformation, and creating web-based applications.

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