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Oil ship distributing cargo supplies

Quickly generate many optimal cargo distribution combinations

In recent years, a change has taken place in the construction and infrastructure sector: automation and digitization are increasingly part of the job. This is also the case in the maritime and offshore sector.

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Workability Tool enables quicker decision making

The Metocean Data Engineering department (MDE) within Boskalis has recently launched an internal online Workability Tool with which they aim to quickly assess workability, which is an important input for planning purposes and cost estimates.

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Everyone can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms

With Calypso you can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms without being a jack-up engineering expert!

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Parametric tool for automatic and optimal breakwater design

Delta Marine Consultants enabled customer to design their own breakwater protection using Xbloc

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Advantages of linking RFEM calculation software to an online platform

RFEM analysis software was combined with the VIKTOR platform to automate calculations for fender systems. This way engineers gain more time they can use to solve complex problems.

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Centralizing data for faster gravity-based foundation analysis

BAM: “From 5 days to 4 hours”, huge time savings with the gravity based foundation application made with VIKTOR!

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Get in-depth insight into topics like parametric design, digital transformation, and creating web-based applications.

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