Introducing VIKTOR

Build web applications using just Python

VIKTOR is a web application development platform with a Python framework for engineers, analysts and data-scientists to collaborate, distribute knowledge and automate workflows.

Build your app

Use simple principles to quickly build
powerful apps

We provide everything you need to build your app. By utilizing basic Python principles and our SDK building blocks, you can create simple tools or fully fledged apps:

Step One

Declare your input parameters in your Python app and fill them in.

Step Two

Calculate your results and visualize them.

Step Three

Build rich visualizations spanning from geometry visualizations and interactive plots to data driven maps, and generate reports for all of your stakeholders.


Deploy your application, share it with your colleagues and start using.

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Centralization and distribution

A structured single point of truth for all your colleagues

Data Customization

Define data that fits your workflow and increase usability for your users.

Revision Control

Keep track of all changes in your data throughout your process.

User Management

Fine grained user management that is simple to use and rich with possibilities.


Integrate your app with off-the-shelf or custom software

Use readily-made SDK building blocks to integrate with your existing software solutions and internal or external applications. You can tie together different software in a single process to produce powerful results. 
We provide integrations in several fields, including Structural Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, CAD, ERP, Planning, parametric design engines, document creation and much more. 

State of the art

Leverage the Python ecosystem and modern software tooling

We provide all the documentation, tutorials, guides and examples to guide you through the process.

Join a developer friendly environment and use modern tools to test and automate your work. Apply testing best practices and setup Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines for your apps.

Extend your app with packages from the large Python ecosystem.

Managed Cloud Solution

Let us handle the boring things

Hosted Cloud

You don’t have to worry about infrastructure.

High Availability

With an 99.9% uptime you can rely on us.

World-class Support

Have a question? We generally reply within a day.

Up to date

We make sure that you are always running the latest versions.

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Explore the latest development in our technical applications.

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