Aftermovie event parametrisch ontwerpen

Op woensdag 11 december heeft VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre een event georganiseerd rondom het thema Parametrisch ontwerpen. VIKTOR heeft drie workshops verzorgd. Bekijk nu de aftermovie van deze inspirerende middag!

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Digital building blocks for geotechnical engineering

The digital transformation is currently leaving no sector untouched. The combination of using data and digital technologies cleverly also offers many opportunities in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors. The benefits seem obvious. Subject-matter specialists no longer have to make manual repetitive calculations or analyses. This saves time and is more efficient, which reduces costs. Automation offers the possibility to not only calculate a greater number of scenarios, but also more quickly, with better quality and fewer risks as a result. At the same time, the digital transformation does not always run smoothly. Developments are taking longer than planned and expected, and adoption is slow. Sometimes it looks like a minefield. But how do you unlock this potential as a sector? A toolbox with digital building blocks that offers usable solutions is already providing geotechnical engineering with the answer to many digital challenges.

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