Mobilis: “Developing your own applications on the VIKTOR platform ensures acceleration”

As a company in the civil industry, Mobilis offers solutions for issues in the field of infrastructure, water, energy and industry through a strong social commitment. Accelerating the development of these solutions is one of the things they are currently working on at Mobilis. An example of this is to be able to do complex calculations and analyses in the same time as simple ones. This can be done by means of applications developed within TBI-company Mobilis. Remco Lensen is head of the Design & Preparation department at Mobilis and directly involved in this project.

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“We have started developing an application for the interpretation of CPTs and determining soil parameters,” explains Lensen. “We already had an application for this ourselves, but it was not yet possible to use it properly Mobilis-wide.” To solve that problem, they transferred it to the Viktor platform and developed it further. “We use the VIKTOR platform to make the application easy to use for all colleagues,” says Lensen. “We have chosen to let the engineers design and make the application themselves, so that it matches our work as closely as possible and is immediately usable for other engineers.”

Before the Mobilis engineers started working on the VIKTOR platform, they first had training on how to develop applications. During the development of the application, developers of VIKTOR were consulted if they needed support.

Lensen: “Before that, there was some sceptism about creating and using applications on the platform, but now all the developers are enthusiastic about it. They see its potential and added value.” This has given developers confidence to now look at processes and calculations that can be optimized in a subsequent application.

The building of the applications will be carried out by Mobilis’ own developers. “The developers are civil engineers from Mobilis who enjoy doing this in addition to their other work-related activities,” explains Lensen. These engineers now have the technical knowledge to develop more applications according to the needs of their colleagues.

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