Besix makes use of IDEA StatiCa in a VIKTOR application “More calculations in less time”

Besix is a Belgian contractor with many years of experience in the construction industry. They use the IDEA StatiCa software (distributed by Whitebox Engineering Software) with which concrete and steel constructions can be analysed. Focus is placed on assessing cross-sections in detail.
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Jo Gijbels is the owner of Whitebox Engineering Software and states: “With the integration between IDEA StatiCa and the VIKTOR plaform, our customers can perform a lot more calculations in less time.”

At BESIX the IDEA StatiCa is mainly used to analyse concrete structures. Instead of having to model a complete 3d structure, they rather analyse a cross-section of a concrete column in detail. Arnout De Schaepmeester is closely involved as end-user in the collaboration: “We have developed a VIKTOR application which enables us to perform a huge amount of calculations of a tunnel in a short period of time.”

In this application an integration is created between IDEA StatiCa and VIKTOR. “The application focusses on the calculations of tunnel sections for the project: De Groene Boog”, says De Schaepmeester. “These sections look very similar, but are not identical. They are all slightly different.” Each tunnel section is to be placed on foundation piles of a certain length, to make sure that the tunnel does not sink. Therefore a separate analysis is required for each section, which takes a lot of time.

Time within the project is limited. The more iterations that can be performed within a certain time window, the closer the result will be to the ideal solution. “With the help of VIKTOR, we can, among other things, determine the optimal length of each section” says De Schaepmeester. This results in a reduction of project costs.

“Currently we have the integration between the concrete analyses and the VIKTOR plaform. This could of course also be possible for the steel constructions” says Gijbels. “A lot of software packages exist, which are currently unable to collaborate well together. In the future I expect this to change, so that the client can collect all individual results in a clear visualisation.”

The collaboration between BESIX, IDEA StatiCa and VIKTOR was a positive experience for all parties. The developed application enables more efficient calculations with many iterations. This resulted in more optimization within the project, which in turn resulted in material and cost savings, and sustainability. Gijbels: “In the future I expect more automation and more benefits for the customer.”


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