Cloud computing: “Generate hundreds of calculations in an instant”

With the VIKTOR platform you are able to quickly create online applications in Python. Integrating your daily engineering software is easier than ever before!

Automate the boring. Engineer the awesome!

“It’s amazing that we are able to develop an application within 1 day, which ensures that everybody uses the same analyses and models. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors.”

Tjeerd Hermsen, BIM manager at Sweco

At VIKTOR a lot of experience has been gathered over the years regarding the analyses of (batch) calculations  in a custom online tool. The input is often desired to be variable, which means a lot of different scenarios (models) can be evaluated with a lot of computing power. VIKTOR offers an easy solution. Models can be uploaded to the VIKTOR interface and the variable input can be specified. All it then takes is to press the run button. The models are then generated and evaluated on the server. While this happens, your laptop stays available for the next Zoom meeting, and a notification is given when the results are ready. Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee.

An example integration could be analysing a D-Foundations model with a large amount of cone penetration test (CPT) data. In no time, hundreds of bearing capacity calculations for various locations are performed. Or perhaps you would like to analyse a structural model in SCIA Engineer, with a variation in geometry / loads / stiffnesses, or assess the reinforcement configuration in IDEA StatiCa. Implementing these functionalities can be done in VIKTOR with very little effort.

Integrate your current software with our standard integrations, or we can assist to set this up for you.

“With the integration between IDEA StatiCa and the VIKTOR plaform, our customers can perform a lot more calculations in less time.”

Jo Gijbels, owner of Whitebox Engineering Software

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Delta Marine Consultants (a subsidiary of the organisation BAM) has developed a special concrete breakwater element called Xbloc. These concrete blocks are placed on a breakwater to protect them. DMC has developed tools to determine the layout of the Xblocs on the breakwater. However, these layouts are unique for every case.

Customer cases

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Everyone probably recognises the noise barriers found along (rail) roads. At WTOP infrastructure, they specialise in the design and engineering of noise barriers along roads and railways. In 2014, WTOP infra switched to designing and drawing in 3D. It became increasingly clear how important it is, especially for more complex projects, to deliver complete 3D designs as soon as possible so that they can be incorporated into BIM.

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