Sweco: “In 1 day we developed an application that saves time and reduces the chance of errors”

Sweco works very hard on simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of their process. They created custom Python scripts for this purpose. Together with VIKTOR, these Python scripts are integrated in an application which functions as a user-friendly interface. Centralisation of this data enables multiple people to simultaneously make use of the scripts. The development of this application only took one day!

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With the existing scripts it is possible to read input Excel files consisting of cone penetration test (CPT) data, which are converted to a suitable input for the D-Foundations software. An external package within Python was used for this, however, the different versions of this external package soon became a major obstacle. Colleagues started sharing the Python scripts while they were not all using the same version, making the scripts unusable. A lot of time is wasted trying to debug and fix such problems.

The VIKTOR application incorporates these scripts and ensures that all users are working with the same version of the external Python package. Furthermore, the Excel files are centralised in the database and do not need to be sent back and forth between colleagues. This means time savings as well as a reduction in the chance of errors.

“It’s amazing that we are able to develop an application within 1 day, which ensures that everybody uses the same analyses and models. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors.”

Tjeerd Hermsen, BIM manager at Sweco

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