White Paper

Digital Transformation Engineering and Construction Industry

Autonomous cars, algorithms that are trading stocks, people having conversations with robots and digital services from the valley make our lives easier. It is already part of many different industries and drives extreme productivity. Considering these benefits of digitalization, there is huge potential in introducing this in the engineering and construction sector.

However, the engineering and construction industry spends way less on digital transformation than other sectors or automotive. So when the benefits are obvious, why have the engineering and construction industry not yet fully embraced new digital technologies? The reasons of lacking behind are understandable and have to do with the characteristics of the industry. But we have come to a time where there are increasing opportunities at hand for the sector to speed up digital transformation.

What are these trends in digital transformation and how will it effect the engineering and construction industry? You can read the answers to these questions and more in the white paper.



  1. Construction companies and digital transformation
  2. Technology trends for a different approach
  3. Technology trends in the construction industry
  4. A new technology trend for the construction industry
  5. Low code for the construction industry
  6. The VIKTOR platform
  7. What does it cost?
  8. How to start
  9. What's next?

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