Automate the boring.
Engineer the awesome!

VIKTOR is the low-code platform empowering engineers to build and share user-friendly web apps with nothing but Python.

Some of our partners that engineer the awesome

Create, use and share apps with everyone you want

Build apps with Python, incredibly fast!

Input fields

Easily add one of 30+ input fields and buttons with just a single line of code.

3D models & drawings

Create a 3D model using VIKTOR components, or import it from Grasshopper, Dynamo, and more.

Interactive graphs

Add insightful graphs using your preferred library, like Matplotlib, Plotly or Bokeh.

Maps & geospatial data

Display your data on a map or satellite view. You can also draw directly on the map and use the input for your calculations.


Automatically generate custom reports using your own templates in Word, Excel, PDF, and more.

Integrate your complete workflow

Effortlessly integrate with industry-leading software,
the Python Ecosystem, and modern development tools.

Discover what VIKTOR can do for you

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"We use the VIKTOR platform as a simple way to provide our colleagues with professional Python apps. VIKTOR enables our engineers to develop these apps themselves and securely distribute them amongst colleagues who don't have any programming experience, so they can use them as well."
Mark van den Brink

Mark van den Brink

Digital Transformation Lead - WSP

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