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People First, Tech Second: The Way to Boost Digital Transformation in the E&C Industry

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By 2021, the Engineering and Construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. Even though the sector is growing rapidly, it is still amongst the least digitized industries around the world. This is not due to the lack of supply of digital solutions, but rather due to the fact that the adoption of new technologies is not forthcoming within the industry. Finding ways to boost this adoption is both a big challenge and opportunity. Therefore, it is important we start at the right place.

There are three aspects to digital transformation: first people, then process, and after that technology. Adopting new digital solutions in your organization is impossible when your people are not on board with it. That is why convincing your people about the benefits is the first priority in digitally transforming your organization. Instead of looking at the digital solution from a technology perspective, you have to look at it from a people perspective. Your digital solution should never be implemented for digital’s sake. It is there to help the people in your organization do their job easier, quicker, better, and with more pleasure. After they are convinced that it will do just that, digital transformation can start!

In this white paper, it is explained how you can start digitally transforming your organization whilst keeping people at the centre of your digital solution.



  1. Why the Engineering and Construction industry is falling behind
  2. Key components for a successful digital transformation
  3. Stages of starting a digital transformation
  4. Implementing your first digital transformation
  5. What digital transformation means for you

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