Building Successful Applications

How to create a succesful that people will adopt

Do you want to build a successful application? This guide is here to help you make apps that provide real value to your work and that other people will definitely want to use too!

Over the past years, we, the application developers at VIKTOR, have built many apps for many different industries. We have learned a lot from that and now want to share our experiences with you.

The principles and processes we explain in this guide are the same as we apply daily. They have helped us build anything from simple apps designed to save time to advanced engineering applications that are used to automatically calculate underground tunnels, dikes, and other large structures.

This guide will provide actionable insights that are useful for anyone involved in creating custom software tools. For example:

  • People developing the tools (developers, engineers, data scientists, etc..)
  • End-users, who will use the tools when they are released
  • Project managers who are interested in workflow automation/optimization
  • Program managers, who oversee and stimulate digital transformation initiatives
  • Domain experts, who provide their expertise to people creating software tools
  • And anyone else interesting in the process of creating awesome software tools


  1. An introduction to developing successful applications
  2. Designing and planning your application
  3. How to start coding
  4. Gathering and processing feedback
  5. Increasing the adoption of your app

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