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From freelancers to global enterprises. We have the right plan for you.

Forever Free

For everyone that wants to build and share awesome apps with the world

  • 1x Developer account
  • 5x Public apps online

Key Features:

  • Build unlimited apps
  • We host your apps
  • Use our software integrations
  • Reporting and templating tools
  • Community support
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For freelancers or small businesses that want control over who uses their app

  • 1x Developer account
  • 5x Public apps online
  • 1x Private app online

Everything in Forever Free, plus:

  • User management
  • Results storage in app
  • Data revision control


For teams that want to build and use apps together

  • 2x Developer accounts
  • 5x Public apps online
  • 2x Private apps online

Everything in Individual, plus:

  • Private cloud environment
  • Deploy advanced apps
  • Mail support


For companies that want higher security, reliability, and usage statistics.

  • Unlimited Developer accounts
  • Unlimited Public apps online
  • Unlimited Private apps online

Everything in Teams, plus:

  • Branded cloud environment
  • Custom subdomain
  • Platform activity dashboard
  • Choice of hosting region
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated success manager

What else do you get?

Discover more features in a clear overview table

Discover what VIKTOR can do for you

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"We use the VIKTOR platform as a simple way to provide our colleagues with professional Python apps. VIKTOR enables our engineers to develop these apps themselves and securely distribute them amongst colleagues who don't have any programming experience, so they can use them as well."
Mark van den Brink

Mark van den Brink

Digital Transformation Lead - WSP

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Creating apps
Creating apps
Hosting & Resources
Security & Administration
Forever FreeIndividualsTeamsEnterprise
Number of developers
Apps under development
Using all Python libraries
Software integrations
Report and templating
Instant Deployment
Git support
CI/CD support


Which plan is best for me?

It all depends on your situation. Check the table above to compare all plans. You can also contact one of our experts using the form below; we will answer your questions and help you make the right choice.

What is free and what is not?

In brief, you can create unlimited apps and publish up to 5 public apps for free. Do you want to control access to your apps with users and passwords? Then you need a paid account. For more details, check the table above or contact our experts by filling out the form below.

How long can I use the free version?

The free version is our contribution to a fantastic community of engineering and Python enthusiasts. You can use it for free forever! No strings attached.

What is the difference between public and private apps?

Public apps: Anyone that knows the app’s URL can use them. Private apps: People can only access these app’s if they have a valid username and password.

Is VIKTOR enterprise ready?

Yes! VIKTOR is made for large teams and global enterprises. Fine-grained access control with single sign-on (SSO), multiregional cloud architecture, activity monitoring and more. It’s all ready for you.