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Software development

One quarter of Fortune 500 companies will become software producers by 2025 to digitally transform and maintain their F-500 status.

Adoption of technology

Adopting technologies like artificial intelligence will be at the core of an enterprises ability to sustainably differentiate and compete.

New business models

IDC predicts that 50% of G2000 enterprises will leverage in-depth domain knowledge by selling internally developed industry-specific software and data services as a subscription.

A platform to make you future proof

VIKTOR is the most used application development platform in the engineering and construction industry. It enables engineers to quickly build their own software solutions and share them with everyone.

Empower your business

Engineers and other domain experts know your business best. Create an agile organization by empowering them to adopt new technologies and rapidly create, test, distribute, and scale new software solutions according to their needs. This results in better solutions, high adoption rates, and lower development costs.

Gain a competitive edge

Create project-specific tools to win tenders, be flexible to change, reduce risk, and find the best solution quickly. Create more added value for clients. Explore new business models. Provide deep domain knowledge as a digital service while keeping your intellectual property safe.

Distribute your knowledge and collaborate

Build user-friendly web applications, turn your knowledge into an asset and share it with everyone you want. Create an App Store for your company, where you build and share apps following modern IT standards. Use apps together with colleagues and clients to make sure everyone works with the correct information.

We are here to help

Understanding your domain makes a difference in helping you find the right opportunities, set realistic goals, and meet deadlines.

Analyze your process

We help you find and analyse the most suitable processes to start and together define a step-by-step roadmap for your digital transformation.

Train your team

Our highly experienced developers are available to onboard you on the VIKTOR platform and train you to improve your software development skills.

Solution creation

Our team has a strong engineering background and can help you build enterprise apps that optimize billion-euro projects to simple apps to improve efficiency.


Collaborate with our application developers to quickly make powerful web applications using the VIKTOR platform and steeply increase your learning curve.

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