Nuisance - Reduce noise pollution easily

A convenient tool for environmental managers to quickly determine the amount of noise pollution from heavy machinery.



How this app makes your life easier

Clear visualizations

provide a visual overview of the noise impact of heavy machinery

Adress file

downloadable for houses in the area that are possibly exposed to construction activity noises

Noise contours

are presented on the map based on the produced sound (dB) of the selected machinery

“Construction noise cannot be prevented but reducing noise pollution can be easy!”

A tour of Nuisance

Become the specialist yourself!

Construction work often causes noise pollution for people in the area. By making sure what the exact nuisance of a certain heavy machinery in a specific location is going to be beforehand, residents can be informed of possible noise nuisance. Hiring a specialist to perform these calculations is expensive and time-consuming. With the Nuisance application, you no longer need to hire someone else to do these calculations for you, as you can easily do it yourself!

A customized solution

The Nuisance application calculates automatically what the noise nuisance of a planned heavy machinery will be in a certain location based of a set of input variables from the machinery library, where all characteristics of every type of construction equipment are defined. Users can simply select the desired equipment and by entering the right coordinates, place it on a location on the map. With that information, the application calculates the sound contours automatically and visualizes them on the map.

“The application tells us how much sound we produce and how far it reaches in the surround area. We only have to push a few buttons to see the impact of the nuisance specified to a certain address.” – Robert van den Dijssel, Heijmans Infra