Low-code platform for engineering

Empower your engineers to accelerate your organization's digital transformation

Empower your organization

Enable your engineers to create the digital solutions your organization needs

Centralize and distribute your knowledge and models

Improve your organization's efficiency and gain a competitive edge

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Quote WSP Mark van den Brink
"We use the VIKTOR platform as a simple way to provide our colleagues with professional Python applications. VIKTOR enables our engineers to develop these applications themselves and allows them to securely distribute them amongst colleagues who don’t have any programming experience, so they can use them as well."

Mark van den Brink

Digital Transformation Lead

Engineering firm increases annual earning with €495K in 5 months​

7 apps in production​

80% average efficiency gain​

485K yearly recurring earnings​

115K investment​

Even larger potential with lots of room to scale up

Why choose low-code application development?​

No PlatformInternal PlatformVIKTOR
Development speed
Democratization of your knowledge
Modularity and reusability
Focus on core expertise
Development of new functionalities
Intellectual property
Data security
Market channel

We are here to help

With a deep understanding of your domain, we can really make difference in helping you find the right opportunities, set realistic goals, and meet deadlines.

Analyze your process

We help you find and analyse the most suitable processes to start and together define a step-by-step roadmap for your digital transformation.

Maximize adoption

With many years of experience in digital transformation in small, medium and large enterprises, we can help you work out and set up initiatives to increase, improve, and monitor adoption rates.

Solution creation

Our implementation team has a strong engineering background and can help you build all kinds of tools – from simple apps that are used to improve efficiency to extensive apps that are used to optimize billion-euro projects.

Training and co-development

Develop everything yourself or collaborate with our highly experienced application developers to build powerful applications fast. We are ready to onboard your team on the VIKTOR platform and coach them to improve their software development skills and steeply increase their learning curve.

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