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Get in-depth insight into topics like parametric design, digital transformation, and creating web-based applications.

Digital Transformation Engineering and Construction Industry

What are the trends in digital transformation and how will it effect the engineering and construction industry? You can read the answers to these questions and more in the white paper.

The Future of Parametric Design is COLLABORATION

Did you know parametric design models are no longer just used to solve specific technical problems, but rather as a new way of working? Read here how stakeholders use parametric design to collaborate and find the best solutions for their projects!

People First, Tech Second: The Way to Boost Digital Transformation in the E&C Industry

Read all about how you can boost digital transformation for you company in the Engineering and Construction industry by centralizing digital solutions around people, instead of around technology.

Product Backlog Template: track your development process

Keep track of your progress during application development: What are your user stories? What happened during each sprint? What feedback did you gather? And what is your progress are you in general?

Brainstorm: prepare your innovative application

Read this document in preperation for a brainstorm session with VIKTOR. Use this as inspiration to generate new ideas or judge the ones you already came up with.


Explore, learn and get inspired. The blog is all about: Automate the boring. Engineer the awesome!

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Customer Cases

Read all about how VIKTOR solutions are succesfully applied to real-life customer cases from industry-leading companies

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