Sub-processor List

There are various data processing operations that need to be performed in order for us to deliver, develop and ensure the continuity of our services. Not all data processing is performed by VIKTOR. Some operations have been outsourced to third parties. This page provides information about the parties whose services we use for our customers' data processing operations and/or for certain of our own data processing purposes.

VIKTOR currently uses the following sub-processors to process customers' data to provide services to our customers:

VIKTOR Sub-processors

Amazon Web Services, Inc.Germany, UK, IrelandCloud infrastructure (IaaS)AWS is the cloud provider that we use to run our Platform. AWS hosts, processes, and stores your (encrypted) account information. We encrypt data in transit and at rest.AWS provides us with a reliable, scalable, and secure global computing infrastructure. In addition, AWS data centers have rigorous security, physical, and environmental controls to ensure these risks are mitigated. This empowers our users to engineer the awesome in a secure and sustainable manner.
Microsoft CorporationUnited StatesBusiness administration, support, and related servicesMicrosoft is company providing us with the tools to perform our day-to-day work. They store email correspondence; they provide Team communication; they provide Identity (IdP)Microsoft is the industry standard for business administration. We use it for internal and external communication, and we use their Identity Provider service to keep track of and provide access for our employees in a secure and centralized way.
Crunchbase Inc.United StatesMarketing & Sales AnalyticsCrunchbase is a company providing business information about private and public companies.Crunchbase helps us find the right people and companies to contact and engage with in our quest to spread engineering automation across the globe.
Exact Holding B.V.The NetherlandsBookkeeping purposesExact Holding is a company providing accounting software. Exact processes and stores client billing information.Exact Holding helps us keep track of all our accounting and billing information. When you are a paying customer, you will get an invoice through ExactOnline.
Freshworks Inc.United StatesRecruiting personnelFreshworks is a company providing recruitment and HR software. Freshworks processes and stores applicant data, during our hiring process.Freshworks provides us with a cloud based solution to process applicant data. This ensures that we do not store any PII locally or in emails, and makes it easy to process and delete all data after the hiring process.
Google, Inc.United StatesApplication analysis servicesGoogle provides the analytics tools that we use to gain insight into prospects.Google Analytics gives us insight into the types of personas that are interested in engineering automation. This allows us to share the right content with the right people, to unlock the world's engineering potential.
HubSpot, Inc.IrelandCustomer relationship managementHubspot is the CRM provider that we use to keep track of our customer relations. Hubspot processes and stores client and prospect contact information.Hubspot has helped us nurture new and existing customer relationships. It optimizes our communication with our customers and prospects, and ensures that they receive the best possible support and care.
Momentive Europe UC (SurveyMonkey)IrelandApplication analysis/survey servicesMomentive is a company providing survey services. Momentive processes and stores contact information to send out surveys.We use Surveymonkey to ask our users for feedback on our Product and support. It helps us to understand how we can provide even more value to our users.

Sub-processor Updates

Prior to engaging with any sub-processors, we perform due diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and data processing practices, and enter into a Data Processing Agreement with them.

As our business grows and evolves, we may add, remove, or update our subprocessor information if we determine that the processing activity will improve or enhance our ability to deliver our products and services to you. Please check back frequently for updates.

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