Central registration and validation of ground settlement monitoring data with web app

Currently, the registration of ground settlement monitoring data is often done in spreadsheets, like Excel. Even though Excel is a very useful tool, this way of administering data can quickly become quite unstructured. Sharing data with different stakeholders (e.g. clients, contractors, and surveying bureaus) through Excel is not easily done either, and as soon as someone changes something, you quickly end up with several different versions of the data.
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Automatic Ground Settlement Monitoring registration and validation in the Cloud

With Geonius' Ground Settlement Monitoring application, you can easily solve these difficulties and save time registering and interpreting data. The application offers central registration and storage and easy sharing of data (for all of a client’s projects). Additionally, the app has several validation methods that can be used to see if a settlement monitoring device is disturbed, and if so, even automatically compensates for the skew.

Centralized registration

With the Ground Settlement Monitoring application, all monitoring locations and measurement data are centrally registered to provide the correct real-time information to anyone who needs it (for example, to prove the achieved end-settlement). With the app, users can easily access data both online through the browser, as well as through PDF reports. The application provides a map with an overview of all the ground settlement monitoring equipment. All data can be sent to the system at the push of a button, where the validation automatically takes place and potential new monitoring instruments are also automatically created. Additionally, a PDF report of all monitoring instruments can be made to view the history of all monitoring data in a dossier.

Zakbaakregistratie - zakbaken op de kaart

Overview of all monitoring location on the map

Zakbaakregistratie - zettingsmetingen

Overview of all settlement measurements

Automatic validation

Measurements are validated within the application to automatically recognize errors, such as a ground settlement monitoring instrument that has been run over, or rising ground level profiles. Users can determine the threshold for the validation themselves. Results of the validation can be viewed in both an overview list and on the map.

Zakbaakregistratie - validatieresultaten metingen

Overview of the measurement validation results

Report functionality

The application has a built-in report functionality that automatically creates graphs per ground settlement monitoring instrument. The graphs are interactive, meaning users can zoom in and out to view the behavior of the monitoring instruments in detail. Additionally, users can determine the start date of the graphs themselves.

All graphs and tables can be accessed through the browser and exported to PDF to be used in reports and presentations – both per monitoring instruments and for entire projects.

Zakbaakregistratie - rapportage

PDF report of results


Interested in the application? Use this form to sign up for a subscription.

Currently, we offer two subscription types:

  • Regular (via Geonius): €150 per month
  • VIKTOR customers (via the App Store): €75 per month

If you want to know more about the application or have any other questions, contact Jordy Brouwers (j.brouwers@geonius.nl) or Quinten van Moerbeke (q.vanmoerbeke@geonius.nl).

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