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Dr. Ir. William Beuckelaers is the Director of OffshoreWind.io, a company that develops software and offers monitoring solutions that help engineers gain insight into offshore installations. Some recent developments include a collection of web apps that can be used to automate and optimize several offshore engineering processes, such as the calculation of pile behavior under various circumstances. In this article, you’ll find more information on four of these apps, including the demo version which you can directly try out for yourself.

"VIKTOR's low-code platform has turbocharged OffshoreWind.io's ability to develop and host sophisticated engineering tools. From the 'Monopile Analysis' app using the PISA method to the complex stress wave simulations in the 'Pile Driving’ app, VIKTOR enables us to create and deploy these powerful applications swiftly. It's an invaluable resource for showcasing our innovative apps in offshore engineering.” - William Beuckelaers, Director OffshoreWind.io

Monopile analysis

Offshore engineers can use this application to calculate the pile behavior under lateral loading. Calculations are based on a 1D finite element model with the Timoshenko beam theory and all four soil reaction components from the PISA 1D model.

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Pile driving

With this application, engineers can calculate pile behavior during pile driving, where the stress waves in the pile are simulated. It is based on a finite element model, with a predictor-corrector method to perform time-stepping.

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Suction installation / hydraulic extraction

Use this application to calculate the behavior of a caisson or pile during suction installation or hydraulic extraction. Calculations are based on a 1D finite element limit analysis model, to capture layered soil profiles and different potential failure mechanisms.

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Leg penetration analysis

This application allows you to calculate the load-penetration curve for a spud can of a jack-up vessel. The calculations are performed according to the mechanism-based method in the InSafe JIP report allowing for multiple layer interactions.

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Innovate your offshore wind processes

Enhance your numerical capabilities in offshore engineering with our suite of VIKTOR-powered applications – try our demo apps for free on OffshoreWind.io.

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