What's new in VIKTOR (Nov 2021)



What's new in VIKTOR (nov 21)
We are excited to share this month's new platform news and updates with you, such as in-line text in parametrization, custom labels for the update button, and more!
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In-line text in parametrization

Use in-line Text to build more descriptive elements in your interface and provide more guidance to your users!

You can add in-line text in the same way that you add all other input fields.

Markdown is supported, which means you will be able to format text, using headings, bullet lists, equations, emoticons and more!

Learn more about in-line text in parametrization in the documentation.

in-line text editor.png

Extended SCIA StatiCA RCS binding

Because you asked for it, we extended the IDEA StatiCa RCS binding again! Now you can create a cross-section with a general shape using a list of coordinates. You can also tweak your calculations by adjusting several code settings such as the number of fatigue cycles, relative humidity, and more! Additionally, the RcsOutputFileParser is now capable of extracting analyses results per extreme load combination.

Learn more in the documentation.


Custom label for update button

In some occasions, users have to click the update button to get a new view but don't know what will happen next if they do so. We have noticed that the update label is not always descriptive enough; that's why we have enabled customization for this button by specifying the update_label in the view!

For example, when your app runs a SCIA analysis, you could use the following label:

update button with label

Coming soon...

A new front-end design is coming soon. This will not only make your app look more awesome than ever; we will also add a couple of handy functionalities that help improve the way people use and navigate through your apps. Stay tuned and don’t miss next month's newsletter!

Other Changes


  • New version v12.7.0 is now available.


  • Now you can also add a tooltip description to action buttons
  • You can add formatted text (markdown) on the dashboard
  • Fetching of Entities is now more performant, making apps and user interface faster.
  • Float-, Slider- & IntegerField are refactored and do no allow entry of text.
  • The user name is now clearly shown in the 'Delete user' modal.
  • Deprecated logic of entity up-to-dateness is now also removed from the user interface.


  • Autoreload is now enabled by default. This means that your app updates automatically in your developers environment when you change the code. It can be disabled with the flag --no-autoreload
  • The cli no longer works with a .env file but can be configured with the configure command. If you have a .env file in place the cli will configure itself.
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