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open-source CPT comparison geotechnical engineering
Use this open-source VIKTOR app code to easily compare CPT’s within moments of time. Geotechnical engineers can use this functionality for projects such as dike reinforcement, road construction, tunnels, building foundations, earthworks, wind energy, and more. Integrate the functionality within your own Python code or use it with a sample application on the VIKTOR platform.
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How to use the functionality?

There are two ways in which geotechnical engineers can use this functionality:

  1. With VIKTOR, out-of-the-box, using our free version
  2. Without VIKTOR, in that case you integrate with your own Python code and create a parser for the GEF file yourself.

Here you, we have a snippet of the application code. The following 6 lines of Python code allow you to easily import and read out GEF files within seconds. The full application code is available in our GitHub repository.

1from viktor.geo import GEFFile 2 3@ParamsFromFile(file_types=['.gef']) 4def process_file(self, file: File, **kwargs) -> dict: 5 """Process the CPT file when it is first uploaded""" 6 cpt_file = GEFFile(file.getvalue("ISO-8859-1")) 7 return cpt_data_object.serialize()

With VIKTOR, reading out GEF files is really easy. You simply add them to the GEF file object and use serialise to get a Python dictionary with all the results, ready to be used in your code. There is no need to implement a parser yourself. Instead, you can go straight to the application!

In the video you can see the functionality being used in a VIKTOR application in the demo environment.

Apply for a demo account to get access to this and all other VIKTOR sample applications.

More information about the demo environment and an overview of all sample applications be found here.

CPT comparison in 4 steps

As you can see in the video, the process of comparing CPT’s with the functionality consists of only four steps:

  1. Upload GEF files
  2. Open the project
  3. Select the GEF files that you want to compare
  4. Click ‘update’ to generate the comparison

You can use the functionality to compare not only two but also multiple CPT’s. You can choose to compare them in separate graphs or in only one graph. Additionally, it is possible to select specific areas of a graph to zoom in and view in more detail. You can also plot the Rf signal that shows you the cone resistance and friction number.

Use the free version or apply for a demo account to try the functionality yourself!

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