What's new in VIKTOR (April 2022)


What's new in VIKTOR (April 2022)
The time has come for April's update, and it is a big one this time! With the release of SDK v13, we have added a lot of new functionalities this month that we would like to share with you. For example, easier and extended entity fields, improved file uploading functionality, better data storage, a new acitivity dashboard, automated publishing of new apps, and more! Make sure to keep reading.
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SDK v13

Easily upload files inside the editor

You can now make it easier for users to upload and manage files in your application by adding a FileField to the parametrization.

From now on, users can use the file manager in the editor to upload all files, which can then be selected in the FileField. This means that there is no longer the need to create separate file entities below an entity to enable file uploading.

Visit the documentation for more info.

File transfer modal File transfer modal

Store data and files in your app

The new Storage feature lets you permanently store files and data, and use it anywhere in your app.

You can use the storage for multiple purposes, such as storing calculation results, using the data to generate a view or report without rerunning the calculation, or storing data that you don’t want to expose to users of your app.

This new feature provides many new opportunities, and we are looking forward to seeing how you will implement it!

Read more about easier data storage and retrieval in the documentation.

Easily select entities inside the editor

You can now easily select entities from anywhere in the entity tree inside your editor.

Previously, selecting entities was only possible for child and sibling entity fields, or you would have to write the implementation yourself using the API module. With the introduction of EntityOptionField or EntityMultiSelectField it becomes possible to more efficiently retrieve data from any entity in the entity tree and allow end-users to intuitively select entities. 

Go to the documentation to find out more about the extended entity fields.  

Select mutiple objects modal MultiSelect

Everyone can develop apps for free!

Have you ever thought: "Hey, I know someone that should use VIKTOR!"? We have good news! We also believe that everyone should get the chance to build awesome apps. That is why everyone can now develop VIKTOR apps for free.

Help expand the VIKTOR Community! Share the good news, and send your colleagues or friends this page. After submitting the form, they will get their developer account.

Group 21.png Invite a friend!

Track your application's activity

Did you want to monitor your organization's usage of apps? Good news! On the new Activity Dashboard, admins can keep track of:

  • The number of users in your Cloud environment and on each workspace
  • User activity
  • The most used workspaces

We hope this new feature will help you understand which app provides the most value to your organization and how you can improve adoption.

Activity dashboard Activity dashboard

Automate app publishing

You can now use the new CLI command ci-publish to automatically publish a new app to VIKTOR in your CI pipeline after merging changes or creating a tag on the repository. This way you make sure your app always runs the latest code. Additionally, it makes publishing VIKTOR apps a lot easier, as it no longer requires any manual steps!

Visit the documentation for more info.

ci-publish command.png ci-publish

Coming soon...

Create basic apps with CLI command: To make it faster and easier to set up new apps from scratch, we are adding a command to the CLI that generates a basic app for you. 

Developer environment consolidation & self-servicing of tokens: Your developer environment will be moved to your company's environment, so you will be able to create and use apps in a single place. Here, you will also be able to generate your own developer token.

Workspace-specific workers: We are building a feature that enables assigning a worker to a specific workspace so that apps from different workspaces that depend on the same integration can no longer block each other's tasks. 

Other Changes


  • New version v13.0.0 is now available!


  • Fixed issue with PlotlyAndDataView not taking full height 
  • Added fixed-size MapLabels
  • Added support for defining up-axis in GeometryView
  • Fixed the workspace invitation email to show the invitee name
  • Updated app clearing to not delete the workspace image in development environments
  • Fixed MapPoint 'wye' icon not showing color 
  • Fixed the data view error state not clearing properly and improved text readability 
  • Removed invalid dseries integration type from supported workers 
  • Fixed param changes not being picked up in dynamic array tables in some cases 
  • Fixed issue with stepwise editor missing a bottom border 
  • Improve markdown rendering performance 
  • Allowed deselection in the single file field 
  • Updated the toggle button to use the primary color 


  • Support for development workspaces in primary environments
  • Validation of credentials for easier debugging
  • Use existing credentials as default values when reconfiguring the CLI

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