What's new in VIKTOR? (June 2022)



June's platform update is here! Over the past month, we have been working on some new functionalities, such as the possibility to transfer data between Dynamo and VIKTOR, easier app development without the manifest file, and more ways users can select objects on the map.   Interested? Check the highlights below for more information!
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Transfer data between Dynamo and VIKTOR

With the new VIKTOR Dynamo nodes, you can easily transfer information between your VIKTOR app and Dynamo model. This way, you can automatically update your Dynamo models using information contained in VIKTOR, and the other way around. This gives you all the freedom of working directly in Dynamo and makes that everyone in your team always works with the correct version of the data stored in VIKTOR.

Visit the documentation to learn more about the VIKTOR Dynamo library.


Select objects in your MapView

Map views are more interactive than ever! End users are now able to select objects (points, lines, areas, etc.) directly from the map, which can be used as input for calculations.

Developers can use MapSelectInteraction to create a button that allows users to start interacting with the map. This means that, for example, you no longer have to use drop-downs to let users select a MapPoint

For more info on the extended MapView interaction, visit the documentation.


Easier app development without manifest

With the latest platform update, the manifest can now be completely removed. We decided to deprecate the manifest because this:

  • makes it easier for (new) developers to start development
  • creates more consistency regarding where to define entity type information.

Originally, you had to define all entity types of an app and their relationships in the manifest. We noticed that some users found this difficult. Therefore, we have gradually been working on moving all information from the manifest to the corresponding Controllers. With this platform update, the manifest can be completely removed if you prefer so!

More details on the removal of the manifest can be found in the documentation.

Coming soon...

Single developer environments

Some time ago, we introduced Workspaces as a centralized location for all your VIKTOR apps. To further improve user- and developer experience, we are now also planning on migrating your personal development environment into the environment of your organization. The result: A single place where you can develop and use apps!

Introducing 'simple' apps

Would you like to write less code when you want to create a very simple app? We have good news! Soon, the simple app, consisting of a single entity type, will be released. With the simple app, developers only need to define a single Controller and Parametrization, and we will take care of the rest. With a simplified user interface, not only developers but also end users will benefit from this update!

Other changes


  • SDK version 13.2.0 is now available


  • Added a dropdown filter for the user type in the users admin page
  • Added dropdown filters for integration type and assignment to the workers page
  • Updated the activity and dashboard pages to display previous entity name for rename operations
  • Added the platform version to the environment sidebar
  • We now allow file extensions to include capital letters in the file field
  • Fixed page jumping on the environment activity on environments with many workspaces
  • Updated the file upload queue to track files and update statuses more reliably
  • Improved listing entities API performance
  • Fixed issue with restriction on using the same user group name in multiple workspaces
  • Added a button to easily hide or show all workspaces in the environment activity
  • Renamed create new object to create in entity view
  • Improved workspaces page loading time


  • Allow create-app command to create app directly within current working directory


  • Improved worker management by including name of integration in version info
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