What's new in VIKTOR (October 2022)


What's new in VIKTOR (October 2022)
The time has come for October's platform update. Over the past month, we have been working on making your apps faster and enabling a quick and easy way for you to visualize lines, arcs and polylines. We have also been preparing some exciting new features that we expect to launch near the end of this year. So, here is already a little sneak peek...
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Faster apps!

Dear developers, we've heard your feedback and are happy to let you know that we have improved the speed of the platform! This goes for both the navigation, as well as in the editor itself. Maybe you already noticed this, for example when loading your Workspace's users page.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see improved by leaving a message in the community forum.

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Quick and easy visualization of lines

It is now possible to visualize 2D lines, arcs, and polylines in the (3D) GeometryView. This makes rendering a line a lot quicker and easier as you no longer have to create a 3D element with a very thin thickness to do so!

Below, you can see the Python code needed to visualize a line, along with an example of how this looks in the editor.

python code line.png


Coming soon...

The new 'editor' app type

Because some apps only require a single editor, we will soon introduce the 'editor' app type! This app type has no folder structure, meaning end-users immediately go to the editor after entering a workspace. This way, you can create dashboards or simple calculators in a more user-friendly manner!

editor only app type.png

New 'Apps' page

Previously, you could already create your own Workspaces. Soon, it will also be possible to create and manage Apps! We are currently building a dedicated 'Apps' page where you can view all your organization's Apps and adjust your own. Additionally, admins will be able to assign more fine-grained publishing rights to developers to determine who is working on which App.

Details Page.png

Other changes


  • SDK version v13.5.0 is now available
  • Various classes now accept or can return a File object
  • Mock functions were added for all external analysis classes to facilitate easier testing


  • Worker v5.2.0 is now available
  • SCIA installer has been simplified, major version is now retrieved from program directory
  • More descriptive error message is returned when trying to parse non-existing files
  • Excel worker now correctly evaluates automatically updating cells when running macros
  • Added the possibility to add a description when creating a worker in the Administrator menu


  • CLI v0.24.1 is available
  • Improved auto-reload on Windows
  • Added --use-filesystem flag to use the filesystem instead of git to gather files during publication of an app
  • Improved structure of help by grouping commands
  • Fixed bug where configure retrieved the wrong Python path


  • Fixed wrong name used in Workspace invite email
  • Fixed incorrectly sending Developer Upgrade email to non-developers
  • Fixed issue with updating the details of a user on SSO environments
  • Fixed wrong translation in user creation modal
  • Simplified Workspaces search bar text to 'Search'
  • Fixed issue where OutputField doesn't take up the full width
  • Fixed issue where the developer email notifications did not show correct setting
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