What's new in VIKTOR (January 2023)


The time has come for the first platform update of 2023, and it's a big one! This time, we've been working on the improvement of input validation, a new and seamless developer onboarding experience, and the option to track developer activity in the activity dashboard. Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more information on this month's changes!
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Improved input validation

We have improved the input validation on multiple parts! See how you can block actions on invalid fields, mark fields as invalid, and easily validate steps. 

Block actions on invalid fields

In the future, limitations you already annotated (like min/max) will block the user from performing any subsequent actions (such as clicking a button, generating a view, or moving to the next step). Learn how you can activate this now in the documentation.

Mark fields as invalid

When you are performing input validation, you can mark fields as invalid. This makes it a lot easier for users to correct mistakes. Visit the documentation to learn more about this feature.

Step validation

Enable validation code to prevent users from moving to the next step in case their input is not valid. Visit the documentation for more information on how to enable step validation.


Seamless developer onboarding

We have created a new and seamless onboarding experience in which developers are guided through all the necessary steps to start building apps. In only 5 minutes, you can install VIKTOR and start the demo application!   If you haven't installed VIKTOR yet, do not hesitate any longer and log in to get started.

Seamless onboarding.gif

View developer statistics in the activity dashboard

To give better insight into the adoption of VIKTOR within your company, we have added the activity of the developers to the activity dashboard. Here you can find data on the number of developers and how often they log in. 

Activity Dashboard.png

Other changes


  • SDK version 13.7.0 is now available


  • Fixed the file field upload button to be disabled when the editor is locked 
  • Fixed that users no longer only have read access on editor-type apps
  • Fixed map view crash when trying to zoom in while already at max zoom level after view load 
  • Removed development workspaces from workspaces activity dashboard 
  • Fixed that app version manifest are assigned to new workspaces 
  • Fixed possible app type mismatch for new app versions 
  • Added missing dutch translation on the admin page 
  • Custom marker size supported in GeoJSONView
  • Daily active users (per day/week/month) calculation based on workspace usage instead of logins on the environment
  • Map tile and image provider switched to ESRI


  • Worker version 5.3.1 is now available 
  • Fixed bug where Excel worker raised an error when a timeout was encountered 


  • CLI version 0.26.1 is now available
  • Added get-started command for new onboarding flow
  • Added support for Python installed through Windows App Store 

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