Build awesome web-based apps in a few lines of Python code.

Build and distribute any web application you can imagine. VIKTOR is the development platform for the engineering and construction industry.

Start building with VIKTOR in few easy steps


Step 1

Build a user friendly interface for any part of your workflow.


Step 2

Define your logic in Python and integrate with industry leading software.


Step 3

Now that your app is ready, share and collaborate with everyone you want while we take care of the rest.

Create user interfaces

Build user-friendly interfaces with a few lines of Python, and provide useful insights with rich visualizations.

Parameters and fields

Adding an input field is as easy as declaring a variable. Use more than 20 widgets to define your parameters.

Interactive graphs

Create insightful graphs using your preferred library, like Matplotlib or Plotly.

Maps and geospatial data

Create a map/satellite view and display data on it. You can also draw directly on the map and use the data for your calculations.

3D models and drawings

Create a 3D model or drawing with VIKTOR or import it from software like Grasshopper or Dynamo.

Generate Reports

Automatically generate downloadable reports in Word, Excel, PDF, DWG, and so much more.

Integrate Software

Why reinvent the wheel? Effortlessly integrate with industry-leading software, the Python Ecosystem, and modern development tools to build powerful apps

3rd Party Software
Python Ecosystem
Development Tooling

Use ready-to-use integrations with industry-leading software solution and create powerful apps. We provide everything you need to run software in the cloud, so that people don’t need licences to use your tools.

Distribute apps and collaborate with people

Do you want to build apps to collaborate with colleagues and clients? Or use them to commercialize your knowledge by providing a scalable service? VIKTOR apps are made to be shared.


Your applications are always available from everywhere.

User management

Give people access in a controlled way. Assign user groups, roles, and permissions.

Track Changes

See exactly by who and when changes are made, and effortlessly restore previous versions.


Create a common environment for your company to build and share apps.

Protect your IP

Be able to share your apps while keeping your intellectual property safe.

Control distribution

Control how your apps are modified and make sure everyone works with the latest version.

Automate complex workflows

Feel the power of structuring apps as you want and to let the information flow between components.

  • Create and manage projects inside one app

  • Divide a complex process into smaller manageable components

  • Create the perfect user-interface for each component.

  • Freely share information between components or projects.

Focus on what matters

Let us automate the boring while you engineer the awesome. VIKTOR is a managed solution for small businesses to enterprises.

Hosted Cloud

You don’t have to worry about infrastructure.


We automatically scale according to your needs.

High Availability

With a 99.9% uptime, you can rely on us.

Up to date with patches

We make sure that you are always running the latest versions.

Single sign-on

Manage user access with your enterprise system, like Microsoft Azure.

World-class Support

Have a question? We generally reply within a day.