Time is too valuable to waste doing things that could be automated!

We are not using the full potential of our brain and technologies that we have at hand in our day to day jobs to find distinctive solutions. A larger portion of time is lost on e.g. repetitive tasks, finding the right information, exchanging information, incorporating last minute changes which increases the likelihood of errors. Organisations struggle with short running projects, large number of variations, limited R&D budget and quickly get lost in the day to day hustle. Resulting in little adoption of technology. Our answer to this problem is the ability to rapidly develop web base applications that centralise and distribute data, models and analysis, easily integrates with different disciplines, in combination with powerful algorithms. 

Welcome to the new era in engineering

VIKTOR is the application development platform that helps companies to improve their operational excellence.

Find the best solution, fast!

Centralise and distribute all your data, tools and analysis

Integrate and automate all your processes and software

Automate the boring. Engineering the awesome!

Provide understandable insights

Turn knowledge into assets

White paper download

Do you want to automate the boring and engineer the awesome? Get inspired and download the white paper.


We help with dedication

We provide services and assistance throughout the process of determining what a digital transformation will bring to an organisation to the implementation of a development.

Finding opportunities in your organization

By means of a business analysis, we will look together at the processes of your company, with the aim of naming the opportunities for automated engineering. The goal is to find the most suitable engineering processes to optimize with automation software.

Determine the business case

By means of a process analysis we will get a clear insight of the impact of automated engineering on your business, and what it would take to automate your current engineering process. The outcome will serve as input during the workshop with VIKTOR.


We have a extended onboarding program to quickly prepare new developers and make sure they get the most out of the VIKTOR Platform right from the start. During an intake we carefully measure the current Python and software development skills to plan the required onboarding steps. In general, we first practice how to analyse processes and define functionalities of the required webapplication. Next will be a live training with tutorials and start with the development of your first own application. After some homework, you will have the second live training of development, a scrum session and presentation. Now you are ready to automate the boring with VIKTOR.


Our highly experienced VIKTOR Application Developers are available to train you on site. By giving training, we empower you to fully utilize your python and development skills so you can quickly build the most powerful web applications with VIKTOR. The VIKTOR Application Developers have years of experiences with the digitalization of technical processes using VIKTOR and will quickly bring you up to speed, to professionally unlock the world’s engineering potential.


No time to wait to becoming a professional Application Developer? Use our co-development services to train your developer and simultaneously build a powerful web application. With co-development we offer extra development capacity: professional VIKTOR Application Developers collaborate with your developers to quickly make powerful web applications using the VIKTOR Platform. Co-development is a very popular service as clients encounter a very steep learning curve while at the same time getting a valuable web application. Developing role models setting good examples.


Being service-oriented is what makes us thrive at VIKTOR, so we focus greatly on support. We set all possible channels available such as live chat via Slack Support Channels, email or phone. At VIKTOR you don’t get to talk to a support employee, at VIKTOR we put you directly in contact with the source of your issue, the actual VIKTOR Software or Applications Developer. We believe this is the best way to quickly give you high quality answers and solutions to your requests and issues.