Everyone can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms

With Calypso you can analyse offshore wind turbine installation platforms without being a jack-up engineering expert. The software tool makes it possible to optimally assess every specific location within a wind farm, as opposed to a single blanket calculation to cover the entire wind farm. The development of the underlying algorithms and parametric models has taken years. Now, this knowledge is made available to clients via a web application, developed on the VIKTOR platform. With this development, performing a site-specific assessment is now only a matter of a few clicks!
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Collaborative parametric design models allow you to work together for better solutions

Automation in the offshore sector

While a lot of automation is already taking place in the automotive and aviation sector, the offshore sector is still lagging behind. According to Maas Hoogeveen, Technology Director at Mocean Offshore and developer of Calypso, this is because the offshore industry is a highly conservative market. “Everybody works on their own projects and has their own reasons for sticking to the old principles. But we are working on applications with automated calculations that will reduce the time and money spent on a project.”

No more manual tasks

In the jack-up industry, there are still many repetitive tasks performed by engineers. This is partially due to the complexity of the frameworks laid down in ISO 19905. However, it is not commercially viable for the experts to fully perform the extensive calculations manually; they have to use conservative shortcuts. Hoogeveen: “We use algorithms and parametric models, so that shortcuts no longer need to be used and calculations can be done faster and more specific.”

“The best way to share knowledge is by making it available through a web application.” - Maas Hoogeveen

Looking for the right digital tools

Maas has spoken with many market parties about making his application available online via a web interface. “It would be a costly enterprise to even create a Minimal Viable Product. Then I came into contact with VIKTOR, which was a great fit. The interface was exactly what I envisioned. It meets the wishes of various stakeholders. A sales manager, for instance, may want to use Calypso as a means of communication with which he or she can generate clear images, whereas an engineer may want to perform in-depth calculations and optimize the use of a platform. Calypso’s interface caters to many different users, which is made possible by the versatility of the powerful VIKTOR platform. Another big advantage is that the costs are much lower.”

“The web application was developed within 40 hours. The iterations that have been done were also implemented quickly. This offers enormous opportunities because time and budget are the bottleneck.”

What is Calypso?

Site-specific assessment

Calypso is a tool for performing site-specific assessments on any jack-up platform. This determines whether you can install wind turbines with a light or a heavy platform. The tool can be used even before you start a tender. Maas Hoogeveen explains: “We specialize in analysis of jack-ups. The knowledge and calculation methods contained in Calypso are an implementation of the jack-up engineering standard ISO 19905-1:2016. With this application, every engineer can perform a site-specific assessment (SSA).”

Check out how you can analyze offshore wind turbine installation platforms without being expert with Calypso and VIKTOR:

Automated calculations

In addition, the calculations are automated, but an engineer can still look deep inside the system to check all steps and calculations. “This is what we call the glass box paradigm, as opposed to the black box”, Hoogeveen explains.

Capitalizing knowledge and skill

The main objective of Calypso is to capitalize upon knowledge and skills regarding jack-up engineering by making these available to the offshore industry. Running it as a VIKTOR application is a great way to achieve this: “VIKTOR matched perfectly with our vision of what the interface should be. The way parameters are set and how the model is directly visualised is how we imagined it,” Hoogeveen explains. The web-based application can be used independently by clients, so they can make calculations on their own data and problems.

Web-based VIKTOR Calypso application.png

Fast development is not impossible!

The development of a web interface to an application doesn’t have to take months, it can be realized in just a week. Maas Hoogeveen: “We developed a headless application, containing the algorithms and parametric models. With this basis and the assistance of VIKTOR developers we build the Calypso application in only 40 hours. The extensive possibilities of the VIKTOR platform are inspiring. With their help, Calypso is as accessible and user-friendly as we imagined.”

Calyps and VIKTOR platform.png


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