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Engineering professionals are frequently tasked with diving into enormous sets of documents in search of crucial details. Whether it’s tenders, contracts, technical reports, or rules and regulations, the volume of information is huge. Time is typically limited. But what happens when crucial knowledge from previous projects is lost to time and memory?
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The problem landscape

  1. Overwhelming Document Volume: Engineering projects generate vast amounts of documentation. Sifting through them under time constraints is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  2. Knowledge Dissipation: Previous projects contain valuable insights and knowledge. However, this often remains confined to the memories of the personnel involved, making it hard to retrieve and sometimes unreliable.
  3. Inconsistent Terminology: Within projects, terminology can vary. Traditional search methodologies, such as the basic Ctrl+F, only target specific keywords, rendering them ineffective if synonyms or jargon are employed.

Secure semantic document searching

Imagine posing questions directly to a system containing all relevant documents and obtaining accurate answers almost instantaneously. Furthermore, imagine if this system could understand the context, semantics, and nuances of your query beyond mere keywords. This is precisely what we made possible through:

  1. Semantic Searching: Unlike traditional search operations, a semantic search engine comprehends the context and meaning behind words and phrases. It goes beyond keywords to deliver results tailored to the question's intent.
  2. Security and Compliance: Given the confidential nature of many engineering documents, it’s essential that the chosen system safeguards data and aligns with IT compliance standards.

Access knowledge with ChatGPT and VIKTOR

VIKTOR provides an innovative solution to leveraging the power of ChatGPT and its API. With VIKTOR you can build your own LLM web applications easily with the simplicity and flexibility of Python.

Key Advantages of VIKTOR

  • Shareability & Security: Collaborate and share applications effortlessly, all the while upholding the highest standards of data security. VIKTOR holds an ISO27001 certification, for robust information security management systems. In addition, it is compatible with Microsoft's Azure AI to ensure all data remains strictly confidential and won't be used to train other AI models.

  • Ease of Use: Build web applications atop a Large Language Model (LLM) within a day using Python, harmoniously aligning with LLM's capabilities.

  • Harnessing ChatGPT: VIKTOR taps into the prowess of ChatGPT, allowing engineers to fully customize it with Python. Questions posed are met with detailed, context-aware answers, guiding users to the exact document and location of the information.

  • Langchain Integration: VIKTOR integrates the open-source Langchain, simplifying the process of indexing vast document arrays, ensuring no piece of information remains obscured.

The union of VIKTOR and ChatGPT offers a groundbreaking solution for engineers, addressing the pressing challenges of document search, knowledge retention, and data security. In the race against time, having a tool that swiftly and intelligently extracts insights from documents is not just a convenience—it's a game-changer.

Free document reader

You can now try the document reader here. For all information on the capabilities of the application and how you can build one yourself, visit the topic on our community forum.

What is VIKTOR?

VIKTOR is an application development platform that empowers organizations to develop and deploy web apps globally. The VIKTOR platform is a place where people can centralize and distribute data, models, and analyses to others such that it acts as a single point of truth. Additionally, you can use the platform to integrate with data sources and all relevant software packages.

In combination with the ability to automate and use algorithms, such as Machine Learning, you can find the best solution fast while adhering to data sovereignty requirements. This not only supports the user-friendly and efficient distribution of tools but also protects the organization's code, simplifies maintenance through version control, and enables seamless integration with various software pieces. Ultimately, VIKTOR's solution enables organizations to mitigate risks, avoid potential legal claims, safeguard their reputation, and increase their competitiveness in global tenders.

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